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What is it about?

Just like in all of the battle royal games, it’s all about being the last man standing, or should we say last animal standing. That’s right. All the characters are animals from the zoo, and conveniently enough, the battle arena is the zoo. That’s what we meant by slightly different take on the genre. Choose your character with unique abilities and strengths and start the battle!

In the beginning, you wander through the zoo as you search weapons or health kits to help defeat your enemies and be the best. You can obtain weapons like guns, spears, bombs, etc. The fire will start constricting the area after some time to avoid the endless search for the enemies on the battlefield. That way, you must always be on the move and ready for the clash.

Deadly weapons

We mentioned you could get your weapons along the way. Each character has specified types of weapons he can use. You can equip three weapons at a time. It should be mentioned that different quality of weapons is available like bronze, gold, legendary, etc. The stronger the weapon, the harder it is to find one, so use your chances carefully.

Also, you can acquire multiple badges as you get more playing time. Those can be equipped before the game to give you an edge in the battle. For example, you can prolong spear distance or get more damage for your shotgun. A limited amount of slots is available, so you will have to decide which ones are the best for you.

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Exotic characters

It’s always great to have a choice when it comes to choosing characters, and our impression during Zooba: Zoo Battle Arena review is that developers did a great job. The diversity of abilities and styles of playing the characters offer is impressive. When you first start the game, you get to choose one animal, but the rest of them you will have to unlock along the way. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use Zooba Zoo Battle Arena Cheats.

Switching between characters is much more than just cosmetics. When you spawn on the battle arena, your inventory will be empty, and you will have to get weapons as you go, but you will have one spell specific to that hero. Your choice should be based on animal stats like health, spell, mobility, etc. 

Depending on what style of play suits you best, you can opt to go with one of the strongest characters like Bruce the gorilla with big health bar and good damage. Of course, those advantages come at the cost of mobility as there are faster-moving animals. If you are a fan of fast gameplay, then Molly the fox should be your choice, with a jumping spell she is almost uncatchable.

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Simple controls

We think that the biggest flaws of the BR games are controls. It’s hard to make the fast-moving game simple to play, but this game surprised us. You will need no time what so ever to get used to these controls. It is so simple yet effective that we are amazed. This doesn’t mean the gameplay is slow and boring, just the opposite. Simple usage enables fluent gameplay full of action.

On the left side is the movement joystick, and on the right, we have buttons for weapons and health packs. Holding weapon buttons triggers the aiming animation, and upon the release, it fires. To pick up weapons and items, all you need to do is to stand above one for a second, and it’s yours. Even though this game is easy to play, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to win as you battle against other players.

Open the crates to get rewards

The rewards come in the form of crates that you get after the battle. The time required to open the crate depends on the value of the crate. If you are one of those impatient people, you can always speed things up with the use of gems. Those can be bought in-game or generated with our Zooba Zoo Battle Arena Hack Tool. Opening more crates will give you an advantage as you can use rewards to upgrade heroes and equip useful badges.

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